A continuation of yesterday’s post - the five pages I did manage to ink of We Are All Rotten.  I did these digitally and it was so hot that summer… I probably spent about 6 to 7 hours on each page - much more than my usual 3-4 per page. All that bread…

The chocolate pyramids in the first page are a reference to one of my friend’s favourite treat from JJ French Pastry.  They sell them in various sizes including a really huge cake version to small chocolate size ones… I don’t think I could ever eat one all by myself!

For the bread I modelled after Johan bakery.  They sold the best melon pan I had ever had - it was a high class melon pan.  The store in Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi is the best.  They have various branches including one in Shinjuku but it’s totally not the same, and I think that branch is no more.

Will I ever pick up this story ever again…



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