Chapter covers from OSCP 5 (cover for chapter 8 is missing for now).  You can read the comic for free here or on my website.

Just a reminder that my books are still on sale until November- there’s about less than a week left and only three copies of End Days of Our Youth left in stock.  There’s two copies of OSCP1+2 left at the sale price.

If you made an order from October - I just shipped it out yesterday! Thanks for your patience- because of various circumstances I was unable to go to the post office until then. I hope you receive your books soon!

Thanks to everyone I’m going to be able to go to CAB in Brooklyn this November - so if you’re attending I’ll see you there! I’m trying to put together a comic for trades (or if I like you it’s for free). If you see me please say ‘hi’ though most people don’t know what I look like. XD;;;;



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