The newest installment in the OSCP series, OSCP5 is debuting at TCAF next week!!!

132 pages, B&W cover with Risograph printed cover and insert!
Includes chapter 6, 7, and 8 in the ongoing series with guest art by Christine Vu, Dirchansky, Kim Hoang, Linda Tea, and Nozmo!!

Only $12! Get your copy today!

Preorder here to receive bonus gifts (bookmark and sheet of stickers).
You can order a copy online for pick up at TCAF - just choose to ship to Vietnam when you check out to avoid shipping fees.

Preorders end on May 8th so please hurry! I had to place order for stickers to make it in time for TCAF and only ordered 5 more than needed. Any preorders after I run out of those 5 will get a sticker sheet but they will be of a different design. <3

Orders will start shipping May 13th! Please be patient, especially those who ordered sketches with their book as I want to make sure they turn out well!

Thanks to everyone who has supported the work and for reading! As always you can read for free on Smackjeeves. I will start updating the site with the new pages from Chapter 6 once a week on Sunday starting May 19th.

The cover was printed by Colour Code Printing in Toronto and they did a wonderful job. The paper and the colours including fluro pink that has to be seen in real life to believe are just perfect! Also thanks to RCS, I was able to print the insert in Osaka on glossy stock (!) in Riso in pink and gold. I’m really happy with how the binding turned out.  The combo of cover stock and interior paper is just perfect. It’s all handbound by me but it feels like a book you can buy in the store…



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