I drew this on tracing paper. I’m trying to explore options to make and ‘ink’ comics on pencil and tracing paper instead of computer or brush/nibs/ink since I feel it is easier to be expressive using pencil and easier to do shading. I like the tracing paper but it smudges the pencil - probably is good if I wanted to do transfers to other papers but I don’t want to do that all the time. There is a lot of post editing involved as well, and the lines come out a bit faint even then… Anyone have any solutions for the smearing or other suggestions?



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    i really dig your art, friend
  2. asperblog-askb4following answered: embrace smears. lookat vanessa davis and that person in D&Q showcase 5. screw with the contrast in Photoshop. use SIDE of the lead 4 shading.
  3. screentonetv answered: I would suggest using a very dark (at least 4B) pencil and use a paper under your hand so you don’t smear. Then you’ll get good b/w contrast.
  4. yazzydream answered: when drawing rest your hand on another black sheet of paper so it doesn’t smear the graphite.
  5. papermaiden answered: Mybe you could use a makeshift lightable to have the same effect,but to work on a paper better suited to your needs?
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